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How Do I Know if I Need New Windows for My Home?  

Many people overlook replacing their windows as a way to improve their homes. New windows offer several benefits, primarily if your current windows are not functioning as they should. Is it time to replace your windows? Let us check out the top 12 signs you need new windows.

1. Your Existing Windows are at Least 15 Years Old

Windows are durable, but they only last so long. If your windows are 15–20 years old, it might be time to replace them. Over time, the seals around the windows begin to fail. This can cause drafts and leaks.

Technology and industry standards have also significantly improved over the last two decades. 15 years ago, single-pane windows were the industry standard. Today, double-pane windows are widespread and offer greater energy efficiency.

2. Your Windows Do Not Open or Close

One of the best things about beautiful weather is that you can open your doors and windows to let the gentle breeze blow through your home. When your windows do not open, it can be frustrating. If you manage to open the window, you may not be able to get it closed again.

In addition to being inconvenient, windows that will not open are a safety issue. If there is a fire, windows can be a lifesaving emergency exit.

Several things can cause your windows not to open. Damage to the window or the frame, dust or debris in the track, and warped wood can keep your windows from opening and closing. When you replace your windows, you know they will open and close quickly.

3. High Energy Bills

The typical homeowner loses 25-30% of their heating and cooling energy through their windows. This means more than 1/4 of your energy cost is literally going out the window.

If your energy bills have been climbing recently, getting new windows can save you significant savings. Energy-certified windows meet today’s standards in energy conservation. This will save you money on your heating and cooling bill, and help the environment.

4. Your Windows are Drafty

Drafty windows pose a few problems. They increase your energy costs, because they let air from outside in. This can be uncomfortable, especially when the outside temperatures are extreme.

Drafts can also cause condensation on the inside of your window. This can result in more humidity and moisture becoming trapped in your home, which can increase the risk of mold and mildew growth. Condensation can also damage your windows over time. You may notice condensation on the inside of the window. If you have double-pane windows, you may have condensation in the area between the panes.

It is important to note that condensation outside your window is not a sign of a problem. It simply means there is higher humidity outside than inside your home.

5. Your Windows Are Damaged

This is a clear sign that you need new windows. If you have damaged windows, you should replace them. You may have a broken pane of glass or a damaged or decaying frame.

6. You Have Gaps

If you feel drafts coming from your window, you may have gaps between the window frame and joints. This can be caused by decaying window frames, broken seals, or worn or missing caulking.

7. You Hear Sounds From Outside

If you hear loud sounds coming from the outside, your windows are probably the culprit. Although most windows will not block out all of the background noise, the noise that gets through should be quiet and not particularly noticeable.

If it seems like someone has turned up the volume recently, this signals a problem with your windows. If your windows have never provided you with peace and quiet, they may be poorly insulated or installed.

New windows can significantly lessen the noise that makes its way into your home. If noise pollution is a significant concern for you, some windows are considered soundproof.

8. You Are Renovating Your Home

If you are renovating your home, you should also consider replacing your windows. New windows will improve the appearance of your home, which can help you achieve your design goals.

It also makes sense to have your windows replaced while other renovations are completed. This allows you to complete it all at once so you can enjoy your home to the fullest.

9. Maintenance Is Tiresome

If you have old wooden windows, you will need to scrape and repaint them regularly. This can be eliminated with modern windows. Many designs are easy to clean as well because they tilt inwards.

10. You Want More Daylight

If your current windows make your home gloomy, you may want to get new windows. Older windows relied on tinting to reduce the heat coming into the home from the sun. This also limited the amount of sunlight that could offer natural light for your home.

Today, Low-E windows solve this problem. These windows use a very thin transparent coating. This coating doesn’t block sunlight, only the heat that comes with it. This makes them energy efficient while maximizing the natural light in your home.

This may seem frivolous, but it is essential for your health and well-being.

The benefits of natural sunlight include:

  • Increased vitamin D
  • Greater concentration and productivity
  • Improved sleep quality and duration
  • Reduce stress and improve mood

11. You Want To Change the Size or Function of a Window

Your home should work for you. If you feel like aspects of your home are making life harder, it’s time to make some changes. You may want to change your windows to improve airflow or increase your natural light with larger windows. You may want to choose a different type of window to better fit your needs. New windows allow you to reimagine how your home looks and functions.

12. You Are Planning To Move

Why replace your windows before selling your home? 79% of homeowners make at least one improvement before selling their home. New windows are considered desirable by 90% of home buyers. Replacing your windows can increase your home’s value and make it more desirable. This can make the selling process easier and more lucrative.

New Windows at Arrow Exterior Design

If you have decided it’s time for new windows in Madison, WI, contact us at Arrow Exterior Design by calling (608) 283-9039. Our process begins with a free estimate. We will take the time to understand your needs and goals and help you select windows that work for you. We’ll provide an easy-to-understand quote that is customized to meet your needs. Our veteran-owned business takes pride in having strong values and customer satisfaction.

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