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Damage Repair

I started out helping homeowners with hail damage and storm damage claims. We understand the insurance process and make it easy to help you with your claim. It can be confusing dealing with insurance companies, but we will explain the process in detail and make sure your claim is being handled fairly and accurately. 

We offer free inspections to look for hail or other storm damage honestly. We’re local and we have a great relationship with many insurance adjustors and agents locally.

We can work directly with your insurance company to help get the damage repaired quickly and professionally. 

What Our Customers Say

"We contacted Russ when several of our shingles flew off in a wind/rain storm. We were referred to him by a neighbor/friend who had very good things to say about Russ and Arrow Exterior Design. This was not the first time shingles had flown off our roof, but our insurance company at that time refused to see that this was a long-standing problem and would not be solved by patching it up. Russ was VERY quick to come out to take a look at the roof and give his estimate of the damage. Our insurance adjuster, unfortunately, did not agree so our claim was much less than we had hoped it would be. Arrow Exterior Design was committed to helping us, and was able to replace our shingles for less than the amount our insurance approved. Russ was almost as disgruntled as we were with our insurance company, so he went above and beyond in his attempts to convince the insurance adjuster to reconsider their estimate. When it was clear we would not be successful, Russ gave us referrals for new insurance. We were able to successfully obtain new homeowners and auto insurance with a reputable company, thanks to Russ"
Sara F.